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What is a CSA?

- Community Supported Agriculture. Your CSA membership helps the farm balance animal production throughout the year, ensuring that plenty of farm-fresh , GMO/Steroid/Hormone Free meat is always available for everyone. Inquire more details by speaking with a local rep near you.

"Where to Find Us"

What is the average hanging weight of a steer + What do you get?

-Misc cuts of Steaks, Roasts, Ribs, Stew, Bones, fat..etc. 

- Full: 600#lbs

- 1/2: 300#lbs

- 1/4: 150#lbs

Do you also offer?  

-NO: Worms, Fish, Elk, Bison, Deer, Dove, Pidgin, Alligator or other live stock NOT listed on our menu.


Do you sell cheese or other dairy? 

- NO: Steer do not produce the same milk as dairy cows and with lots off offspring, mothers need all their milk they can serve! 

Can I order a CSA or Whole animal online? 

- NO: at this time we have limited our online presence to shipping packs only. All other orders will need to be market rep direct.

How do I Pre-Order for pickup at my local Farmer's Market?

-To simplify your online shopping experience we have minimized our online platform to ensure a more farm-direct experience. All of our reps are friends of the farm, knowledgeable and ready to help assist your needs. Simply text or email directly, to communicate with whomever's market you plan to pick up at.

Local Rep Near You

Can I add or exchange items from one of the Variety Packs?

-To keep our inventory in stock, at this time we are not allowing any changes or alterations to any of our shipping options. Our goal is to provide quality quantities, on time, every time. 

Can I visit the ranch?

-Yes with an appointment ONLY. 

Where is the ranch located?

- In riverside county, west of the I15 freeway, in the foothills of Lake Elsinore southern CA.


- If you wish to leave us a message, please email info.daleranch@gmail.com

- Or schedule an appointment for our Sales Manager Scott to give you a call TEXT to schedule 


How are we ethical + sustainable?

-Without confined spaces, our open pastures, the animals receive lots of Vitamin D (sun)

we pride ourselves on humanely treated animals.

- By reducing, reusing & recycling we lower our carbon footprint!

A few ways we practice what we preach:

-No wasted paper! Flyers/brochures are so early 2000's! Our mobile/tablet and desktop friendly website gives all the information without cutting any unnecessary trees!

-We recycle egg cartons! Return your old dozen cases at one of our multiple market locations.

-Local farmers/co-ops/breweries give us yummy damaged fruits/veggies/oats to repurpose back to our pigs & chickens!

Are you certified organic?

-Although not "certified" we practice clean growing methods, keeping animal health and welfare in perspective: we believe that "a happy animal is a tasty animal!" Once you try our meats and eggs you'll be glad you did, and find that taste makes the difference!

Why do I need to email for contacting the ranch? 

-There are issues with old phone lines and equipment in our rural area, we get poor cell reception on the farm. We cannot depend on picking up 100% of the messages, therefore, have discontinued accepting them.

Still not answering your questions fully? Schedule an appointment for our Sales Manager to give you a call at your convenience.